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AGP drivers?

Dave Suryo
Occasional Visitor

AGP drivers?

i have the Kayak XA PIII@500Mhz
128mb PC-100 ECC

i recently bought the GeForce 2 Ultra
now, i did some tests on 3dmark 2000
i already installed dx8 and the latest Nvidia drivers.

though the mobo only has AGP2x, other testers had 2x higher score as i did, though not the same copmuter, but the same set up like i have pIII@500Mhz GeForce2 Ultra and 128Mb PC-100

is there a way i can resolve this, or are there any special AGP drivers for the Kayak XA's..??

if so i would like to know,

Alexander M. Ermes
Honored Contributor

Re: AGP drivers?

Hi there.
Try this page :

Alexander M. Ermes
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Jennifer Chiarelli
Regular Advisor

Re: AGP drivers?

You might also try
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