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APM, ACPI, or BIOS Power mgmt

Giancarlo Pinerolo
Occasional Contributor

APM, ACPI, or BIOS Power mgmt

after having installed 4 x 73GB SCSI hds, Linux RH 7.2, on a lc2000 NEtserver, I went into both the BIOS setup and the SCSI setup looking for a way to set the idle time for sleeping these disks, as they can remain unaccessed for hours.

But with much disapponitment I found that this in only manageable by the guest OS, via the ACPI interface.

Now I wonder if this is alaso compatible with the standard APM interface, the same as laptops, or if there is any way I can set the idle time for the disks. ACPI in linux seems quite alpha, and the ready-made kernel has no support for APM.

I need to set a rest for those disks, otherwise I afraid they'll burn quick, preferably at the BIOS level, what can I do?

Thanks for any help