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APM support for Pavilion 8776 (1GHz Athlon)

Dave Kristol
Occasional Advisor

APM support for Pavilion 8776 (1GHz Athlon)

I'm running RH 7.1 on my Pavilion 8776 (1GHz Athlon) does not power off when I run "poweroff". The console displays "Power off", but the system remains on.

If I run "apm -s", I get the diagnostic "No APM BIOS". If I rebuild the kernel to ensure that APM (advanced power management) has been enabled, I still get the same result.

Is this just a case of HP using a non-standard APM BIOS, or is there something I should be doing that I haven't done?

Dave Kristol
Kodjo Agbenu
Honored Contributor

Re: APM support for Pavilion 8776 (1GHz Athlon)

Hello Dave,

You can try 2 different things :

1) In the setup, look for something that looks like APM BIOS. If you don't find any, make sure that the O/S compatibility is "Linux" or "Other" but neither Windows 2000 nor Me.

2) It may be possible that your PC BIOS is no more supporting APM, but ACPI which is a newer standard for power management. Therefore, you have to configure your Linux Kernel with ACPI support. However, I don't know exactly how it is configured. Read documentation about ACPI in Linux kernel source documentation tree.

Good luck.

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