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ATI Radeon 9000 Mobility IGP with XFree under RH9

Andrea Lamorgese
Occasional Visitor

ATI Radeon 9000 Mobility IGP with XFree under RH9


I have a Pavilion zv5000 with the infamous ATI Radeon 9000 IGP Mobility. I have successfully installed Redhat 9 (kernel version 2.4.20-8smp), but my limited knowledge has adversely affected my efforts with XFree (4.3.0-2.90.55). I have tried installing fglrx_4_3_0-8.8.25-1.i386.rpm but at the end of fglrxconfig a message complains that a pci scan has not identified any of the ATI cards fglrxconfig is for (according to the ATI website fglrx_4_3 is for the ATI radeon 9100). At the end of this I have issued many times "redhat-config-xfree86 --reconfig". Glxinfo shows "direct rendering: No" (along with Xlib: extension "XFree86-DRI" missing on display ":0.0").

In the "Unusual ATI radeon chip ID" chain of e-mails (in this forum) some suggest an experimental IGP driver is available. However, other sources (such as
suggest that switching to xorg might be the solution. I'd like to stay with RH9, so is there a simple way to make XFree see my ATI card without having to rebuild the kernel or deal with insmod and agport?

Thanks in advance -Andrea
Ross Minkov
Esteemed Contributor

Re: ATI Radeon 9000 Mobility IGP with XFree under RH9

I just wonder, why not use the latest Fedore Core? Red Hat Linux 9 is not supported anymore. No patches etc. Unless you have a specific reason to stay with RHL 9, I'd recommend using FC. They are both free.

Bruce Copeland
Trusted Contributor

Re: ATI Radeon 9000 Mobility IGP with XFree under RH9

Ross, that's good advice in general, but it doesn't really solve Andrea's problem. I've been running Fedora core on an HP ze4100 with similar IGP video hardware now for about 6 months (and previously RH9). It IS possible to get 3D Hardware acceleration using the xorg radeon driver with stock kernels, but if you want direct rendering, you still have to build a custom kernel and patch X. So Andrea, I guess the answer to your question is "No, there isn't any simple way to get xorg or XFree86 to see your ATI card (in all its glory) without having to rebuild X or the kernel."