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Here are certain conditions I need to fulfill

1)Replace a particular filename by the contents of the file in a master file

Tried it with sed but sed cudnt know how to replace the file contents something like
XYZ=srch pattern
XYZ could be anywhere of course :)

sed 's/XYZ/`cat ABC`/g'
Peter Nikitka
Honored Contributor



you where on the right path!
The first change for a solution would be to substitue the singlequotes to double quotes:

1) sed "s/XYZ/`cat ABC`/g"

BUT: you have to keep in mind, that
a character "/" in the file content of 'ABC' will make the substitute pattern invalid because "/" is the pattern delimiter. You can use any character NOT in file ABC for this purpose, e.g.

2) sed "s§XYZ§`cat ABC`§g"

There is no need for spawning an extra 'cat' process in posix shells, use

3) sed "s/XYZ/$(
Take extra care when ABC contains newlines.

mfG Peter
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My two cents using ex(1) though I prefer Peter's solution:

# ex -s +"/XYZ/r ABC | /XYZ/d | x" file
James R. Ferguson
Acclaimed Contributor



# perl -pe 'if (s/XYZ//) {chomp;open(FH,"<","XYZ") or die;@a=;print @a}' ABC


Frank de Vries
Respected Contributor



export FILE=/path/nameofyourfile

sed "s!XYZ!$(<$FILE)!g"

When using " " quotes you can
embedd variables.
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Frank de Vries
Respected Contributor


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