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About listener and services

About listener and services

Hi All,
I have redundant system with Oracle database as Primary on one side and Standby on the other.

1) When the database on Active is up and Running as Primary and on Inactive it is started and mounted as Standby, I am able to connect from Active database to the Standby and viceversa.

2) Then I shutdown the database on both the sides. Then I tried to connect from Active to Standby database and viceversa. I was able to connect this time as well

3) The active and standby database were shutdown . Then I stopped the listener and restarted it. This time when I tried to connect from Active to Standby and I was unable to connect. It gave me the error [B]ORA-12514 The listener supports no services[/B]

4) I started the Active database. Then I tried to connect to Active from Standby side. This time I was able to connect.

So it appears that ever since I stopped and started the listener, I am able to connect to the other side only if the instance is up. If the instance is down then I get an error.

This was not the case before re-starting the listener.

Could you please let me know why I am facing this issue after restarting the listener?

Waiting for your kind reply.

Thanks and regards,
Kaustubh Kane.
Honored Contributor

Re: About listener and services


this is because the listener takes some time to discover the services and this is why the message "The listener supports no services" pops up. If you had waited for 1 or 2 minutes, it would have worked.

kind regards
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