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About "end-file on communication channel"

hongyu xing
Occasional Contributor

About "end-file on communication channel"

HP-UX 11.00 64bit
L2000, 1Gmem, swap 1G
I want to install oracle 8.1.6for HP-UX11.00 (32bit) on this system, i have install the typical enterprise software without create a database sucessful.
when i create a database by the dbassist,the error message for me"ora-03113 end-file on commnucation channel",and the db create is failed.
someone suggest me to resize the /tmp,or install oracle without Net8,i try them ,but the error is same, i can't deal with it.
who can help me.
Marcel Boon
Trusted Contributor

Re: About "end-file on communication channel"


Try this link:

Are you sure that you installed all the nessary patches?

See the man pages
Mike Taylor_3
Occasional Advisor

Re: About "end-file on communication channel"

I've seen this error before. I'd check and double check permissions on all directories and files specified in your init.ora, as well as the permissions of directories where you are trying to create any db files, redo logs, archive logs, ... Doesn't it sound like a communication channel has been established, but it immediately comes to EOF? I think during database creation it is caused by a filesystem permission problem.
hongyu xing
Occasional Contributor

Re: About "end-file on communication channel"

I have check the permission of the FS,
owner: oracle,group: oinstall
permission 755

and i can't link the URL,it ask ID ,i havenot it.
Alexander M. Ermes
Honored Contributor

Re: About "end-file on communication channel"

Hi there. Check your kernel parameters, especially SHMMAX. That should be at least 1 GB. or larger. Then get the patch PHSS_22478
from HP to avoid more problems.
Here the params from a N4000 with two CPUs and 5 GB RAM :

sema 1 1
semaem 16384 16384
semmap 258 258
semmni 256 256
semmns 1024 1024
semmnu 120 120
semume 10 10
semvmx 32767 32767

shmem 1 1
shmmax 1610612736 1610612736
shmmni 1024 1024
shmseg 480 480

Alexander M. Ermes
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