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About the content of /tmp


About the content of /tmp

When I want to copy some files to my workstation, the free harddisk is not big enough.
So I delete the directory of /tmp/osinstall under init 4, and my workstation does not work normally and I can not log in the system properly.
But, when I reboot my system, the directory restores automaticlly.
I want to know, what does it means the content of /tmp.
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Re: About the content of /tmp

what's o/s running in your machine and what's your machine's model strings?

It's just explain contents of /tmp and other directory.

# man hier
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Re: About the content of /tmp

most developing and manufacturing companies that build telephone exchanges, ATM's, Bilogical testing systems etc. or and custom job to be performed by UNIX, develop those applications to only run in init level 4.

init level 3 is for everything else.

I am also not sure sure what OS you are running, but generatly Unix has reserved init 4 for custom apps, such as the few I already explained.

therefore it is not suprizing that your /tmp is available to you under init 4.

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Re: About the content of /tmp

The man page for 'init' explains the run levels quite well.

$ man 1m init
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Re: About the content of /tmp

The genaral rule for /tmp is to put only the temporary file in it.
Below are the usage of directory that I know off:

/var -> for variable
/opt -> to put software
/etc -> configuration file
/tmp -> temporary file
/usr -> binary file

I guest in your case they move something important in the /tmp which are inapporiate.

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Re: About the content of /tmp

My OS is HPUX 10.20 ACE and I use the software Element Management Operating System of Siemens Company. It is not a good software and it give me too much trouble.