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Access Unix server on client site

Respected Contributor

Access Unix server on client site

Hi Experts,

I need to access Solaris servers on client site. I can access client network using VPN. I have Cent OS installed on a vmware on my system & I have also installed Cygwin on my system. How can I launch server GUI on my Cent OS? I have tried a few steps given below:

On Cent OS:
1) Launched terminal window & tried using the following command:
[user@xyz]$ xterm
[user@xyz]$ X :1 -query ip

This launches a black x-windows.

On windows using Cygwin:
1) Launched cygwin & ran the following commands in cygwin console:
$ startx (to launch the xwindows)
$ export DISPLAY=:0.0
$ setenv +localhost ip
2) in the x-windows ran the following commands:
$ ssh -l username ip/hostname
$ setenv DISPLAY localip:0.0

Here I do not know what command should I give to launch the server GUI.

Thank you for helping me out. I appreciate it.

Goran Koruga
Honored Contributor

Re: Access Unix server on client site


For black window try starting X server in the same depth that is used on the Solaris server.

Cygwin also has startx command so you can use that with '-query'.

You can also try Xming, which is simpler to use and has some GUI controls to choose startup options.

Valued Contributor

Re: Access Unix server on client site


using cygwin I do it usually following way:

- start cygwin shell console
- from the cygwin console start X win: startx
- from opened X win terminal allow any connection: xhost +
- start separate session to destination server, e.g. via putty
- set DISPLAY variable in this session pointing back to my local machine
- start X win application in this session e.g. xclock

Honored Contributor

Re: Access Unix server on client site

By "server GUI" you probably mean the CDE Desktop, right?

The CDE start-up command is normally /usr/dt/bin/dtsession.

Try this procedure:
1.) Launch cygwin & startx

2.) in the x-windows, ssh -X -l username ip/hostname

(don't setenv DISPLAY, ssh -X should set it automatically if X11 forwarding has been enabled at the remote sshd configuration. The value of DISPLAY in this case may look a little strange: this is because the remote sshd sets up an encryption proxy to transport the X11 protocol securely over the network. If you change DISPLAY you'll lose the security.)

3.) /usr/dt/bin/dtsession

Respected Contributor

Re: Access Unix server on client site

Steven Schweda
Honored Contributor

Re: Access Unix server on client site

> .

It might be helpful to some future reader of
this thread if you explained what you did to
solve your problem.

> [...] you probably mean [...]

When someone says this, it probably means
that your question was not clear enough.
Respected Contributor

Re: Access Unix server on client site

There was some issue on the client side.