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Add mibs to base 10.20 snmp

Allen Jasewicz_2
Occasional Advisor

Add mibs to base 10.20 snmp

I have looked for 1/2 a day on how to enable new mibs on hp-ux 10.20. I am not able to find any mibs on this system. I do have the base snmp talking to dashboard, however, I am only able to monitor that the system is up and would like to monitor the network, disk and memory. I tried net-snmp, but I do not have the room for a new version of perl. I also do not have room for a gcc compiler. The main reason is I need to develop a case for replacement of the K460 and I figured historical data collect via snmp/dashboard would be my best bet. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: Add mibs to base 10.20 snmp

Shalom Alan,

You don't have room to install perl, which many mibs use. Not to mention other programs.

You are running an OS that's been out of support for a few years now.

You are kind of screwed and collecting snmp data is not likely to help.

Here however is your case for replacing the K460.

1) The OS is out of support and you probably don't have the disk space to install 11i v1 (11.11) which is the only supported OS left for that hardware.
2) Parts for the system are very expensive.
3) HP hardware support if purchasable will run you at least $10 K per year.
4) The system though built tough is past its usable life span.
5) The system consumes five times the electricty of a new system.

Yes a little tongue and cheek, but your cost savings alone could pay for a new rp3440 server.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
Bill Hassell
Honored Contributor

Re: Add mibs to base 10.20 snmp

I'm not sure how useful additional MIBs will be on this obsolete version of HP-UX. With a *LOT* of work with scripting, you can probably gather some data on system performance. However, just the K460 and 10.20 is enough to justify replacement hardware. The K460 uses HV-FWD disks which have not been manufactured for many years (replacements will always be used/refurbished, not new). Now there are a lot of 3rd party suppliers that can sell you extra parts or even another K460, and you can search eBay for drives, I/O cards and memory.

However, 10.20 is much more of an issue. It has been unsupported and obsolete for several years and HP has removed all 10.20 patches from the searchable index. The patch bundles are also gone. Now you can look at and browse the several hundred required patches to see what you need. At issue is everything from security to system crash prevention, hardware drivers, etc. You can't even buy a software support contract for 10.20 so getting a crash analyzed will be a custom consulting fee.

Bill Hassell, sysadmin
Allen Jasewicz_2
Occasional Advisor

Re: Add mibs to base 10.20 snmp

I agree with both of you on this issue. I used to install/support this box when it first came out when I was a var/consultant. It is interesting how you can be called upon as the outside expert and and be heard but when you get inside your analysis does not hold water without a great deal of effort. Thank you both for your candid responses. I will have to provide numbers the hard way such as sar