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Advice on Export/Import from 9iR1 to 9iR2

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Jorge Fabregas
Regular Advisor

Advice on Export/Import from 9iR1 to 9iR2

Hello everyone,

We are moving from Oracle 9iR1 (on HP-UX 11i) to Oracle 9iR2 (on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4). I'm wondering about the best method to accomplish the migration. It seems I have two choices:

1) USER EXP/IMP: Since the production data is only in 3 schemas, I could just export those 3 users and import them on the new db. However, I guess is not that simple. I'll need to create the user accounts (and other stuff residing in the sys/system schema).

2) FULL EXP/IMP: My only issue with this is that I'm coming from 9iR1 to 9iR2. I'm pretty sure the import won't overwrite already created objects on the sys/system schema but I'm not sure on importing a full dump from an earlier release. I have a different filesystem layout on the destination machine so I guess I'll need to create tablespaces manually before doing the full import. Is it really safe to perform this full import (even though is from an earlier release)?

What do you think is the best method? I'll appreciate your comments/suggestions.

Honored Contributor

Re: Advice on Export/Import from 9iR1 to 9iR2

Hi Jorge,

i would definitely go for option 1.

i am currently doing the same but migrating from HP to an linux environment.

if you wish i can post some detailed guidelines.

kind regards
No person was ever honoured for what he received. Honour has been the reward for what he gave (clavin coolidge)
Jorge Fabregas
Regular Advisor

Re: Advice on Export/Import from 9iR1 to 9iR2

Hello Yogeeraj,

Yes, I'll appreciate any guidelines. So far I gathered a script I found (do a Google search on stub.sql oracle) that you run on the source DB and it will create a sql file with instructions for creating tablespaces etc...(all the infrasturcture). I need to verify the script since it's for 8i.

I was planning to do so manually but if you know of any script to prepare the target DB please let me know.

Are you moving from HP-UX to RHEL? and any change on database release?

PAVIC Thierry
Frequent Advisor

Re: Advice on Export/Import from 9iR1 to 9iR2

For me the best way is the first one :
- you can can make a full export

- Create the different tablespace and you 3 user in your new database.

- make import of each user
- compute the system stat on your new database.

We have made this way, and we was no trouble.
You should find that on Linux the import time is quit better
Jorge Fabregas
Regular Advisor

Re: Advice on Export/Import from 9iR1 to 9iR2