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Advice on Syncing via IR

David Wright_14
Occasional Visitor

Advice on Syncing via IR

I've got a Dell Latitude D600 and an iPac h1900. I've just setup ActiveSync to sync via IR, and although it appears to function well, here's my problem... Both my Laptop and the iPac have their IR ports on the left-hand side, meaning when I sync, I have to place my iPac upside down, wait for an IR connection, the navigate the menus upside down. (i.e. Start, ActiveSync, Tools, Connect via IR).

I've tried couple of workarounds...
1) Reassigning one of the buttons to launch an IR sync., but I can only take it as far as launching ActiveSync, and I still have to navigate the menus upside-down.

2) Setting up an ActiveSync "Mobile Schedule" to sync via. IR every 5 minutes, but the iPac seems to try to initiate a sync, but then complains that its... "Unable to connect: You have no modem entries created, and no network card present."

The idea situation would be for it to sync at a regular interval, or with a single push of a button, or tap of the screen. Does anyone have any ideas, or am I just being too picky.
Ganesh Babu
Honored Contributor

Re: Advice on Syncing via IR