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After Image (ai)

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After Image (ai)

Hi to All,

How to enable the after image(ai) file in progress 8.3a and also need documents for backup and recovery plan for after imaging.

Brad Kozak
Valued Contributor

Re: After Image (ai)

Hi Sureshkumar,

The ai chapter in your Progress DB Admin Guide and Reference will get you started. If you don't have the manuals then try here:

Read the section on After-Imaging.

Basically you will,

1. Create a structure file (.st) with your ai extents defined. I suggest you use 3 variable length extents.

2. Add these extents to your database.
prostrct add .st

3. Enable ai
rfutil -C aimage begin
now you have ai running

4. You can't just enable ai and be done with it. Those 3 variable length extents have to be monitored/backed up/emptied and then re-used or the first one will grow continually until you fill up the disk that its' on. The monitoring/backing up etc... is usually done with a set of scripts.

We basically have 3 scripts:

1 to monitor the database(s) ai extents. It backs up the active ai extent to another directory and marks that backed up extent empty so it can be re-used. We run this script every 15 minutes. You may find that you need to run it more often, or way less -- it depends on your needs and how much data you are willing to lose in the event of a failure.

1 to look in the directory where backed up ai extents are saved and ftp's them to the backup server.

1 on the backup machine which looks in the directory where the ai extents were ftp'd to and applies (roll forwards) them to a warm spare database.

That's pretty much our strategy. The PEG (Progress E-mail Group) is the authority on the Internet for those seeking knowledge about the Progress Database. Stop by -- you can search the lists archives as well. If you can I'd upgrade that 8.3 database. It's old and not supported any longer.