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Shayne Wagley_2
Frequent Contributor


Hello everyone,

Thank you for your participation in the IT Resource Center Forums! We are
pleased to announce the second release of the ITRC Forums. We have made some
modifications to the forums based on the feedback we have received from you,
the forum users. You should see these new features by Monday, the 22nd.

We have added two new hardware forums: Mass Storage and Servers (3000 & 9000).
Hardware forums will enable you to contact your peers to discuss hardware
questions, debate system and industry issues, and share best practices.

In addition to the two new discussion areas, we will have the following
functionality enhancements:
Different look and feel of the forums to make naigation easier (e.g..
added a return to Forum button, moved Forum Feedback button to the lower
left-hand navigation bar)
Improved Search functionality which will allow users to perform Boolean
searches as well as search by "Any Word", "All Words", and "Exact Phrase".
All-Star winners will now have a star next to their name when they post to the
forums. The star represents their contribution to the IT Resource Center
The option of being notified electronically when your post has been responded

Some enhancements we are considering for the future include: 1) an improved
method by which to sort messages (e.g. by topic), 2) the Intelligent Link
Technology right bar that will link you to other tools in the ITRC (i.e.:
Knowledge Trees, logging a call to an HP engineer, and Search Technical
Knowledge Base), 3) local language forums, and other ideas. Please continue to
share your thoughts either through the Forum Feedback mechanism, or by posting
a reply to this message. Let us know what new features you would like to see in
the forums!

Best Regards,

Shayne Wagley
Forum Administrator
Hewlett-Packard Company