Another sendmail

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Another sendmail

I am not sure if I am posing the question correctly!!??

Redhat email server/sendmail.

clients are win/98

is there a way for the win/98 users to access email via htttp.
is there a way to set up sendmail/redhat, so users can access their email from any web browser anywhere??

Stuart Browne
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Re: Another sendmail

There are a number of products around that give 'webmail' type of access.

The Horde group have one called 'IMP' which is quite good, written in PHP using IMap and MYSQL (although is highly pluggable).

There are a number around however, but 'sendmail' (as a MTA, Mail Transfer Agent) doesn't allow for it, nor does the standard pop-3 or IMAP services.
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Steven E. Protter
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Re: Another sendmail

You have to enable popmail on the Linux Server. Thats not done by default.


There are a bunch of configuration files. popmail is disabled by default.

vi ipop2 and or ipop3

They start out looking link this:
service pop3
socket_type = stream
wait = no
user = root
server = /usr/sbin/ipop3d
log_on_success += HOST DURATION
log_on_failure += HOST
disable = yes

change disable to no.

service xinetd restart


Popmail enabled.

Your internal netscape/mozilla/exchange/outlook clients can at least receieve their mail.

You've already got a start on finding a good client you can put up on the public Internet.

I'd start with a google search to find one that meets your needs.


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