Miguel Angel Aliaga_1
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Hi all,
I`m testing an HP Proliant with a SSL acelerator Card ( Compaq Atalla AXL600 ) with Apache and OpenSSL. It doesn`t work fine, but I don`t know why.

I had compile Apache 1.3.27 and OpenSSL 0.9.7 and mod_ssl. Apache works fine but I think that the Atalla isn`t working.


Steven E. Protter
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Re: Apache+SSL+RH+Atalla

What you don't state is what distribution of Linux you are using. Version number?

That is essential if you are to get accurate help. An error message would be helpful.

If you are using Red Hat, go get apache and openssl from http://www.redhat.com, get the rpm files and install them.

There are dependencies, and you will need to look at the rpm -i output and get those.

All of this stuff is available as binaries on the install disk of ANY Linux distribution.

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Miguel Angel Aliaga_1
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Re: Apache+SSL+RH+Atalla

I`m working with RedHat Linux 7.2

There is no error messages.

I susspect that the Atalla is not working, instead all the SSL negotiation are done by the CPU.