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Apache build question about compiled-in packages

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Apache build question about compiled-in packages


We (I) usually gcc-build apache because of extra modules like 'mod_deflate' that we use. In order to do this, we have to install manu GNU packages like 'expat', 'libiconv', etc. No problem for development.

However, when we want to copy our custom-built apache to another machine, we are again required to install packages like 'expat', 'gettext', 'libiconv' and 'zlib'. These seem to have become runtime requirements.

How can I make sure that these packages are 'integrated' with the apache build that we are creating? Apparently the HP-package does not need all these extra packages. My guess is there's a way to compile these packages into the apache installation.

Thank you for your help,
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Re: Apache build question about compiled-in packages

I have an interest in the mod_deflate module in particular, since I expect it could potentially have performance benefits. However I don't see a runtime zlib in Apache, and I couldn't find a packaged version of zlib on the HP software site. Nor I see a symbol tag for 'zlib' while nm-ing the 'httpd' binary, or a match for 'zlib' in the strings.

But I'm not sure whether that indicates a lack of integration of zlib. If it isn't, then I'd be most interested in seeing a zlib install package so we can start using mod_deflate...

Thank you!

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Re: Apache build question about compiled-in packages

I believe these packages are install requirements. You can swremove them in development and see if apache still works. It so, my theory is correct. If not, you have to have these programs installed in production. If you are careful with permissions then no users will be able to use these programs.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
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Re: Apache build question about compiled-in packages

You're right, I was able to find zlib down in '/opt/hpws/apache/php/lib/php/extensions/'. But I couldn't locate the libiconv or gettext. Perhaps it's using the system iconv and gettext? &c.