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Apache web server

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Jose Luis

Apache web server

Hi everybody,
Someone knows where can I download the Apache web server for HPUX 11.0?

Thank's in advance.
Best regards.
Jose Luis
The UNIX world is the tenth planet in the solar system
David Bellamy
Respected Contributor

Re: Apache web server

do a search for apache
Dave Hutton
Honored Contributor

Re: Apache web server

Can also check and search for apache.

Just quickly looking, it looked like it was there too.
Ivan Krastev
Honored Contributor

Re: Apache web server

Hi Jose,

2.0.59 is the latest Apache version, available at -

If you need previous, just search for apache in

Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: Apache web server


Since the OS is out of support there are probably no versions on any more.

Check the spec's on the 11.11 versions. If they are PA-RISC 1.1 they will work on 11.00. If not, no.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
Dave Hutton
Honored Contributor

Re: Apache web server

I don't know, I noticed on theres HP-UX Apache-based Web Server v. - archive

(Granted its really old.) And there are newer ones listed but it does list 11.0:
Additional product information

Product #: HPUXWSATW100001
Software specification: HP-UX 11.00 and 11i PA-RISC
HP-UX 11i PA-RISC for IPv6
HP-UX 11i version 1.5 and 1.6 IPF