Assistance with RHEL 4 / PXE / 10g Ethernet

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Assistance with RHEL 4 / PXE / 10g Ethernet

Hello fellow penguinistas!

I am preparing to go into an environment where c-Class Blades will PXE boot the OS in its entirety into memory, using local disc purely as scratch.

The c7000 will have a GigE network for use at the PXE structure, and a 10gE network for internodal communication once running.

I believe that the OS will be "fairly complete" out of the box to do this (RHEL 4 U5) - but the 10g bits worry me.... But then I honestly don't think I need to worry about the PXE level drivers functioning with it - just the "final OS image"

I'm wondering if anyone has done this type of thing yet (hello? ICLE guys??) OR if anyone has any pointers to some good (current) docs on prepping HP drivers in a PXE image world.

I'm pretty savvy at building initrds and have torn my share of boot images apart in my day - but arguably I am very rusty, and want to get back to speed quickly.