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Autosys clients !!

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James George_1
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Autosys clients !!

sorry , there was some problem with my i - connection and I missed the subject in my last posting is the question...

I have one unix box as master server for the autosys s/w and most of our jobs (SAP / PS) are running through autosys. Now I want to run a job in autosys from a different box ( Sun solaris). what all I should do to add this new guy as a clent to my existing autosys server so that this master will talk to the client and run the job.

Thanks in Adv
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Re: Autosys clients !!


Here is the link for technical documents for autosys. You might get information about how to set up client .
Also you will find a forum only for autosys related questions but I really don't know how active this is.!

Try this thread..

Good Luck..
Patrick Wallek
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Re: Autosys clients !!

To set up a new machine as an AutoSys client:

1) You need to install the AutoSys software on the client machine. There is an option in the installation to do a client installation. If you don't have the AutoSys software for the Solaris OS you will have to get this from CA. Be warned, there may be a cost for this.

When doing the installation you will need to have the tcp port number that the auto_remote service uses, usually 5280. You will also need the name of the AutoSys database on the server. If you are using Oracle for your AutoSys db, you will need to install Oracle on the Solaris client as well so that the client can talk to the AutoSys DB on the server. You DON'T need a database on the client, just the software so that it can talk to a db on another machine. If you are using something other than Oracle, I think Informix is another option, you will need Informix installed on your client. In the case of Oracle be sure you have a current tnsnames.ora, or if you use informix, whatever the informix equivalent is.

2) You will need to use the AutoSys command 'gatekeeper' to install a client license key for your new client. This has to be requested from CA. If you don't have enough licenses, there may be a charge for this as well.

Once all this is done, you should be ready to go.

Check out the AutoSys installation guide. It will have instructions for installing the AutoSys client as well.

You can also go here for a listing of all AutoSys manuals:
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Re: Autosys clients !!


I am using Autosys through Windows Version. Wants to Update it from 4.5 version to 4.5.1.

Guidelines are required.

Thanks in advance
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Re: Autosys clients !!

I would suggest that you start a new thread, as this one is likely to be ignored for two reasons

1) its a few years old and

2) if you see the "bunny" on the topic list, that means the original poster got the answer he needed, so further assistance is not required.......