Backup and restore on Linux

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Backup and restore on Linux

I would like to know what the standard backup- and restore tools are for Red Hat AS 2.1. For our HP-UX servers we use ignite for OS-backup and fbackup for the daily backup. What are the comparable tools for Red Hat?
Jerome Henry
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Re: Backup and restore on Linux


Have a look here, you'll find several commands that will suit your needs, even if they are not exactly as easy and elegant as the *backup from HP UX :


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Krishna Prasad
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Re: Backup and restore on Linux

We use Mondo it is free. It will give you ignite like functionality.

You can boot off of a floppy and backup/restore to tape.

You can restore one file or boot off the floppy and restore the entire OS. If you have dual boot it will even restore the ntfs partion.

You have to be running Linux to restore the ntfs partion then boot into MS.
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Steven E. Protter
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Re: Backup and restore on Linux

amanda is on the distrubution cd's and can be installed.

mondo is the equivalent of HP-UX Ignite.

I hope on your HP-UX boxes you make_tape_recovery once in a while, because fbackup is not enough to recover a system with a boot or lif problem.

Steven E Protter
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Re: Backup and restore on Linux

Linux Backup and Restore
Using tar
- used for creating archive files
- option:
c create archive
x extract file from archive
t view content of archive
j compress archive with bzip2
z compress archive with gzip
- example
make archive + gzip compression:
# tar cvzf /var/tmp/boot.tgz /boot
uncompress archive
# tar tf /var/tmp/boot.tar
extract files into a temp location:
# mkdir /tmp/untarred; cd /tmp/untarred
# tar xvf /var/tmp/boot.tar
# ls /tmp/untarred/boot

Using dump/restore
- backup/restore ext2/3 filesystem
- support full and incremental backups
# dump -u -f
# restore -rf
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Re: Backup and restore on Linux

I use Dump and Restore I have developped a tailord solution that meet my needs and does it all from crontab (full,weekly,dayly) it does it all at night in single user mode to tape.

I do also use mondo/mindi to CD-RW once in a while for archive.

Also use interactively gnutar very often... I find this more general purpose

But realy it all depend on the ganularity you need for your enviroment.


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Jean-Pierre Denis
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Re: Backup and restore on Linux


we use arkeia and i'm very satisfied. It can run on almost any platform and the interface is very good and stable.

Take a look

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Alexander M. Ermes
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Re: Backup and restore on Linux

Hi there.
What about the good old cpio ?

find / -depth -print | cpio -ocvB > /dev/rmt/0m 2>> logfile &

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dirk dierickx
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Re: Backup and restore on Linux

HP's own data protector/omniback also works on linux. the standard commands for backup on linux are tar and dump.
for disaster recovery, i can only recommend mondo.