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Backup applications on HP-UX 11.00

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Backup applications on HP-UX 11.00


Now I am using HP-UX 11.00,The hard disk is 144G,Who can tell me is there any applications on HP-UX I can backup the file automaticaly(except sam,fbackup)?


"Chacl command in Vxfs file system
John Palmer
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Re: Backup applications on HP-UX 11.00

Do you want to buy a solution or use free software that is already available on the server?

HP's Omniback is a very comprehensive and fast solution that you would have to pay for and would be recommended for the amount of diskspace that you have.

As to free software, not including fbackup, I would recommend dump for hfs filesystems and vxdump for vxfs. You would have to script these though as each operate on a single filesystem. tar and cpio are also options but would also have to be scripted.

Hope this helps,

Andreas Voss
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Re: Backup applications on HP-UX 11.00

simple example for cron:

0 20 * * 1-5 find -depth |cpio -ocB >/dev/rmt/0m

Insert the right you want to backup.
Put this line into your crontab (crontab -e)
This will automatically start at 8:00 pm onto your DAT.


Andreas Voss
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Re: Backup applications on HP-UX 11.00


haven't seen your disk amount (144GB) ??
If so no single tape drive can put so much data on one tape.
Have you a tape library ?
Then i would also recommend purchasing OmniBack.

Brian M. Fisher
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Re: Backup applications on HP-UX 11.00

I would also recommend OmniBack. The software is very powerful and versatile. The cuurent price is reasonable.

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Antoanetta Naghiu
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Re: Backup applications on HP-UX 11.00

If you can not get approval to buy OmniBack or other global backup solution, dependes on what tape device you have available, you can try one of the traditional backup solution on file systems (ex. backup /application over night and schedule another backup for os filesystem in the afternoon. Really depends on your particular environment.
Rick Garland
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Re: Backup applications on HP-UX 11.00

For that amount of data, look at a library with some sort of backup software. The amount of data alone seems to say that a library is needed unless you have an operator to change tapes on a frequent basis.
Dave Wherry
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Re: Backup applications on HP-UX 11.00

A library and OmniBack is a great answer.
For the amount of data you have a DAT drive is really impractical, unless you or an operator want to do a lot of tape handling.
Although a DAT drive library might work.

A standalone DLT8000 drive would probably work. All of the data would probably fit on 3 tapes. Again, tape handling.

You could break up the logical volumes into 3 smaller backup jobs and run them on a rotating schedule. Then you just have to change 1 tape a day.

So much depends on what you are backing up and the frequency that you want to back it up. Speed, what is your backup window? OmniBack is probably the fastest, but, you have to pay for it. fbackup is on your system and works pretty well, has a good interface through sam. dump runs pretty fast, but, is a little more difficult to work with on restores. DLTs are faster and hold much more than DATs.

All of the answers have been viable. You need to define your environment and requirements to really find your answer.
Tim Malnati
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Re: Backup applications on HP-UX 11.00

A lot depends on what you have to backup and the equipment you have or plan to have to accomplish it. Most organizations are centarlizing their backup activities these days. If this is your case, you should probably try to fit into this larger picture. If this is the only HP machine in a standalone situation, then your options are a bit different.

The first thing you need to determine is what needs to be backed up, how often it needs to occur, and what people resources are available (and when) to handle tapes, offsite storage, etc. How much of the 144GB that you mention changes on a daily basis and will an incremental backup fit within a single storage unit? Are the data areas standard unix file systems or are they raw data areas used by some form of database that requires special handling? What constraints do you need to live with regarding system availability? Timing can be problematic also where backup activities could impact other production activities in terms of machine resources. How important is database synchronization and what hardware resources are available or will be needed to freeze the data? Is your data needed on other (non HP) platforms from time to time? What are the disaster recovery requirements? And how often do you need to recover backed up files to the system?

You may be thinking that these questions may be going off on a tangent, but realistically they should be your guidance on what you should implement. Fbackup is by far the best freebee solution for HP machines but is somwhat limited in its capabilities. You either need to have someone available to change a tape or you need to split the data over separate tape units. Some people in the thread have suggested some automated methods, but none of them is inexpensive both in terms of software and hardware.

One general thing I can tell you though. Avoid DAT tape equipment for backup storage with the volume of data that you have. They are fine for backup of the root volume group and make_recovery tapes, but they are of little use otherwise. They suffer in terms of capacity, speed, and device reliability. DLT's are the norm unless you get into some very large tape library equipment.

I know this really does not give a clear answer to your question, but the topic is not a simple 'one size fits all' situation either.
Tony Willis_1
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Re: Backup applications on HP-UX 11.00

I used Legato to backup and restore 168GB system. Not cheap but, worked well wuth the DLT nad AIT Tape drives from Cybernetics.
The AIT was faster and each tape held 80GB.

I currently use EMC-EDM to backup NT,Netware,Solaris, and HP-UX.This is costly but, it works and backs-up about 1.2 TB per night.
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Dragan Krnic
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Re: Backup applications on HP-UX 11.00

There used to be an xb/xr for hfs. Fast, neat, cheap, backed up in cpio, tar or dump format, selective or incremental, supported changers, direct retrieval of individual files/dirs. Try if they ported it to vxfs.
Joseph T. Wyckoff
Honored Contributor

Re: Backup applications on HP-UX 11.00

If you are in the U.S., call your sales rep to get a demonstration copy of Omniback. It will install with a 60 day demo license.

If this doesn't work out for you, the the following URL...
Omniback and NT problems? double check name resolution, DNS/HOSTS...
Anthony Goonetilleke
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Backup applications on HP-UX 11.00

If you don't want to spend the money the laternative to omniback is a suite called amanda (GNU).

Have a look at

its quite good and free
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Martin Schark
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Re: Backup applications on HP-UX 11.00

Hi Annie,

the size of data should force you to use a secure backup solution. I am working as
a consultant in the database server, service guard cluster and SAP area. We have
very good experiences with OmniBack II on NT or/and HP-UX. OBII is even
able to integrate with the applications. You will find more information on this at . There is a 60 day's full version available for free
to figure out if OBII fits your needs.

Regards Martin Schark
Bill Hassell
Honored Contributor

Re: Backup applications on HP-UX 11.00

Just a note about classic backup tgools like tar, pax, dump, cpio, etc. Because they are industry standard tools, their backup formats cannot handle large files. This is particularly important as file sizes for databases far exceed the 2 Gb limit for classic Unix files.

There are freeware tools like the GNU utilities which may handle large files but if the data is critically important, these tools do not have error recovery needed for a production system. A simple parity error on a tape can render the rest of the backup inaccessible. And these tools often use a distributed directory rather than a central index. This means that the entire tape must be read to determine the contents.

Commercial backup tools should have high speed search capability for restores. They should handle not only multiple tapes, perhaps in a tape changer, but also allow backups to several tape drives in parallel for high speed backups.

Bill Hassell, sysadmin
Vincente Fernandes
Valued Contributor

Re: Backup applications on HP-UX 11.00

Omiback II seems to be a good feasible option the amount of data you have. You need to only decide whether you can pay for it or it satisfies your requirements.