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Backup of NT servers with Samba


Backup of NT servers with Samba

I made a script to backup two shared directories in two different servers using smbtar:
$smbtar -v -u backup -s server1 -x dir1 -p pass
$smbtar -v -u backup -s server2 -x dir2 -p pass
but I have a problem: always the 2nd backup overwrite the 1st, because I don?t have the append option like "r" in the tar command. I try to make a "mt -f /dev/st0 eod" to put the tape in the finish of the 1st backup before starting the 2nd server backup, but it didn?t works. I hope you have a advice...

Thanks, Mauro
Simon Gales
Occasional Visitor

Re: Backup of NT servers with Samba

You may need to use the no-rewind version of the tape device (for scsi tape drives, use /dev/nst0 instead of /dev/st0). You can specify which tape device to use with the -t option to smbtar.