Bernie & Santosh: replicate file

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Bernie & Santosh: replicate file

Hi Bernie & Santosh:

I know you are here.

I am looking for a command which can do file replication, for example, rsync,rcp, scp and sftp, but I am looking for more, any idea?

Bernie Vande Griend
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Re: Bernie & Santosh: replicate file

I think I may have posted this before, but there's two more I'm aware of (besides commerical products):

1) perl script called mirror. I've used this and it works quite well.

2) Another possibility is rdist. Comes standard with most Linux distributions. We have version rdist-6.1.5-14 on our RH 7.1 systems.

There are lots of commercial products that do this too, usually called Software Distribution products. I know CA has AutoXfer that does, but there are a lot of others as well. My guess is that you are looking for a freeware option.
Hope this helps. -Bernie
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Santosh Nair_1
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Re: Bernie & Santosh: replicate file

I was going to suggest rdist but Bernie beat me to it :-)

How about AFD (automatic file distributor):

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