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Big confused problem!!

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Jonathan Caplette_1
Super Advisor

Big confused problem!!

Hi guys!

I've a big problem that confused me... When I send a mail it always timeout! The thing is, that we had a domain for the mail and we changed it for When I send an e-mail to an @power... the e-mail is sent, but when I use @itc... the e-mail timeout, I use a DNS, and in my DNS I've change the MX entry to change for old mail server to the new... and it always timeout...

Does it have some documentation on mail sending, or does somebody can help me!! ??!?!

Jonathan Caplette_1
Super Advisor

Re: Big confused problem!!

I forgot to tell you that our mail server is a Lotus Notes servers...
A. Clay Stephenson
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Big confused problem!!

It's not quite clear from your p[osting but I assume that you are using sendmail on your local server to communicate with your Lotus Domino server. I suspect that you need to edit /etc/mail/ and change the "Smart Reley" the 'DS' macro from "" to "". After making this change you would need to stop and restart sendmail.
If it ain't broke, I can fix that.
Frequent Advisor

Re: Big confused problem!!

1) Can you telnet ${Your SMTP Server} 25 , and get a response?
2) Your domainname is probably ${yourhost} and the smtp server may be rejecting the mail?

Just some thoughts.
Honored Contributor

Re: Big confused problem!!

From the mail server do this.

>set type=mx

Does it return addresses of your mail servers in ?.

If not , the problem is with DNS config.

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