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Bind Versions

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Ramkumar Devanathan
Honored Contributor

Bind Versions

Hi all,

Was wondering when the following changes to named/bind took place. Hope somebody would be able to help me.

1. initially kill -IOT
would dump dns lookup statistics in /var/tmp/named.stats. from when did this go away?
2. kill -ILL used to do the above work - whereas now kill -IOT aborted hte named daemon itself and it would abort now with a core dump. from when adn till which version of named/bind does this hold good?
3. 'ndc stats' does the above work for 8.>=x versions of named now? what is x?
4. 'rndc stats' does the above work for 9.x. (why the hell did the name change at all??) am i right in assuming that this will continue to be the name?

So, Gurus, please help me out. information about equivalent commands for the above on other unixes would also be helpful. I really appreciate any info.

- ramd.
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Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: Bind Versions

This doc should help.


HP-World have-not. Wyoming will be more fun.

Steven E Protter
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