Boot over IB???


Boot over IB???

Looking into a new customer lab setup. Will have 5 linux diskless client computers booting from a remote system (SAN, PXE, IB, FC).

What is best option for performance? Graphics data and database will be accessed from the remote boot and system will need to perform like using onboard sata disks.

Boot over IB sounds good to me so far, but I have no idea what to expect for performance. Normal client workstations are dual core with SATA. Typically xw4600 workstations, even some Z800 with quad core and sata.

Once I get this idea down, I throw another wrench in. There will be 8 other customer SANs that the clients will boot from for this shared customer lab. The SAN will no have no connection to each other. SAN would be 1.5 TB dl380 maybe?

So 5 diskless linux machines. Remote booting from 9 (physically and logically isolated from each other) SAN envionments. Sounds as though even network cables will be moved on clients to connect to other customer SAN.