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Broken DSDT in HP Pavilion a305w

Brad Hermanson
New Member

Broken DSDT in HP Pavilion a305w


I am running Gentoo Linux on an HP Pavilion a305w desktop computer. The CPU fan, according to the BIOS, runs at around, 4100rpms, which is very noisy, and when I boot into Windows XP or the Windows Restore Option (by pressing F10) the CPU fan slows down, and I estimate the fan then spins at around 2000rpms, which is a lot quieter. Although in Linux, this doesn't seem to be the case. From what I've researched I believe this is the DSDT not complying to the ACPI standard, since when I extracted the DSDT, and decompiled it, then recompiled, I got the error:
dsdt.dsl 64: If (\FCEN)
Error 1037 - ^ parse error, unexpected PARSEOP_IF
If I open this file, and then remove If (\FCEN) { # Contents between brackets } then it compiles cleanly, but then I am unable to use it, even though I have followed what instructions from a few resource web sites, have instructed to do. I am looking for your opinion, and knowledge, of what I should do. I would really appreciate the help I would receive with this. Of course, my last resort would be to by a quieter CPU fan, but then other things ACPI-related would not work, still, such as the temperature reading, which displays:
temperature: -270 C
Which obviously is not possible. Thank you for your time and continue the great quality of products being produced from HP.

Note: I have included the source code for the DSDT from the HP Pavilion a305w, named 'dsdt.dsl'.

Brad Hermanson