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C3000 and NTP failure

Occasional Contributor

C3000 and NTP failure

Can anyone provide a link to documentation that describes the default behavior of the C3000 Chassis if the provided NTP server can not provide the appropiate time?


I have an internal NTP server, but the signal to keep the time is not the best.  I am concerned that if the NTP server is not getting signal how will the chassis behave as far as the time goes.  I also need to provide documentation for my dept manager as well.



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Re: C3000 and NTP failure

The chassis OA has an internal clock, which is periodically corrected by NTP if NTP server is configured and accessible. The NTP update period is configurable; the minimum interval is 60 seconds. I think the default interval was 24 hours.


So, when a NTP poll fails, the OA keeps using its internal clock value, and the clock keeps on tickin' with whatever accuracy it has.


If I recall correctly, the OA event log will show each NTP poll and indicate whether it was successful or not.

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Re: C3000 and NTP failure

Thanks for the info.