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CICS (from IBM) startup/shutdown and backups

Rick Garland
Honored Contributor

CICS (from IBM) startup/shutdown and backups

Hi all:

Getting a new system with CICS installed on it. Trouble is nobody bothered to communicate info as to sys administration of the application.

Examples - how do I startup/shutdown the CICS stuff at boot? What concerns do I need to be aware of at backup? Is there some place I can search for the info I am looking for? I have been to IBMs CICS site, various user groups, etc., all I can really find is CICS programming.

Many thanks!

Re: CICS (from IBM) startup/shutdown and backups

Hello all. I have a similar problem to Rick - an upgrade to an existing application introduces CICS as a TP for the application, and now the customer wants to MCSG cluster the application for failover.

The startup/shutdown routines are very convoluted, as far as I am aware the CICS region sits on raw disk and I have no idea how to back it up (do relational DB techniques such as hot or cold backups apply to CICS?)

Can anyone at all point me towards some useful resources?

I realise the original post was over a year ago - Rick, did you get any feedback at all?