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CIFS requirements

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CIFS requirements

Does CIFS require either rpcbind, ident, login or X11 to be present on the HP-UX server?


Peter Nikitka
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Re: CIFS requirements

first: are you sure, that you mean 'ident'? Could it be 'inetd', what you mean?
second: nothing should run without authentication - so what would you expect without 'login'? Or do you mean something different, perhaps 'rlogin'?

OK: there are two aspects of CIFS:
CIFS-server: hosts filesystems to be mounted
CIFS-client: mounts SMB-filesystems of remote (WIN) hosts

X11 is not required for both of them.

1) CIFS-server
Does not need rpcbind
2) CIFS-client
Because the HP-UX CIFS-client uses NFS functionality, I just assume you would need rpcbind indirectly.

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