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CMOS Battery for a pavilion xt923

Kim Freeze
Occasional Visitor

CMOS Battery for a pavilion xt923


I was attempting to update my bios. My bios is 2.10 (5/01). I went to the HP site to update the bios. I got through all the steps until I got the check sum error message 0251 and ended up saving all the default configurations.

I found out by reading one of the messages posted to your site, that if you get that message, your CMOS battery is dead.

What CMOS battery do you purchase for a pavilion xt923?

Thank you for your help.

Roger Faucher
Honored Contributor

Re: CMOS Battery for a pavilion xt923


I can't find that information on the HP website. You could open your case and look for the CMOS battery (it's usually a silver disk about the size of a quarter). Just get the battery model from the old one and you should be able to source it in a variety of places (hardware store, electronics store, Walmart, etc.). The most common one is CR2023 and they cost less than $5.

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