COMPAQ PRESARIO 1516US RedHat Installation

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COMPAQ PRESARIO 1516US RedHat Installation

I would like an answer from someone who has installed RedHat 8.0 on a Compaq Presario 1516US laptop...

while enlessly trying, reformating, and creating partitions, i have not yet been able to get passed a freeze when the installation is initially checking for the:

Partition Check:

the check reaches this point and the cursor will blink at the hda check for eternity if you leave it on that long.

At first i thought it had something to do with the NTFS formatting of the drive, so i tried FAT32 on the boot partition on C:/ w/no avail.........

im using PartitionMagic 7.0 Pro to create a 10G partition and a 500Mb swap

please help!!!!
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Bruce Copeland
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Re: COMPAQ PRESARIO 1516US RedHat Installation

I suspect this means Red Hat is having trouble correctly identifying your IDE. Many laptop owners find they have to use a kernel parameter idebus=50 or idebus=66 to specify their IDE bus controller speed. Sometimes this is only necessary for the installation, but usually it's necessary for any Linux boot. You might try starting your installation by entering:

linux idebus=50

If this doesn't fix the problem, you could try the more radical variation:

linux nodma

Good luck!