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CPU Load

System Dude_1
Frequent Advisor

CPU Load

Dear friends,

Could anyone help to include which CPU number for each process for better understanding for below command :

UNIX95= ps -e -o pcpu -o ruser -o args|sort -nr|grep -v %CPU|head -10

the result would be :

72.63 Propel phantom
39.11 oracle compress
1.22 root vxfsd
0.35 oracle ora_p005_
0.33 oracle ora_p004_
0.30 Propel uvapi_slave 7 6 0
0.29 oracle ora_p001_Prop
0.28 oracle ora_p002_Prop
0.27 oracle ora_p007_Prop

to be

CPU Load User Process
1 72.63 Propel phantom
0 39.11 oracle compress
2 2.07 oracle LOCAL=no)ADDRESS=PROTOCOL=BEQ)))
0 1.22 root vxfsd
0 0.35 oracle ora_p005_
0 0.33 oracle ora_p004_
0 0.30 Propel uvapi_slave 7 6 0
0 0.29 oracle ora_p001_Prop
0 0.28 oracle ora_p002_Prop
Performance Issue on HP-UX 10.20
Bill Hassell
Honored Contributor

Re: CPU Load

The ps command does not have an option for the CPU. Actually, it would not be very useful as the CPU could change several times during a single run of the ps command. top will report the CPU number that was running a particular command. Usually, when you are interested in which CPU is being used, there is a performance question and trying to 'help' HP-UX assign processors almost never helps.

Bill Hassell, sysadmin