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CPU throttling for Intel 5160 CPU ?

kenny chia
Regular Advisor

CPU throttling for Intel 5160 CPU ?

For my DL145G1 servers which have AMD Opteron 275 CPUs, /proc/cpuinfo reports them as having speed of 1800 MHZ instead of 2200MHZ. This is due to speed throttling by the cpuspeed deamon.

But for my DL360G5 servers with Intel 5160 CPUs, the speed reported in /proc/cpuinfo is 3000MHZ even with dynamic power savings mode on with low CPU load. Does this mean that there is no power management via CPU speed reduction? I have another server with Intel 5150 CPUs. Same situation too. The OS installed for both servers are RHEL4U3.
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Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: CPU throttling for Intel 5160 CPU ?


Does this mean there is no power management saving with a CPU reduction? No it does not. When the CPU slows down it does use less power.

I've never been concerned with this on servers, which I try to make sure have work loads that keep them busy and at full power at least during working hours.

Steven E Protter
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