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Can I set up ASM Devices with Multipathing on HP-UX 11.23?

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Can I set up ASM Devices with Multipathing on HP-UX 11.23?

We are migrating from HP-UX 11.23 ASM devices on EMC CLARiiON with PowerPath to HP 3PAR without failover/load-balance.


Basically what we used to do on the CLARiiON was set up ASM device like this:


1.  find a new device file entry to be used by ASM.

2.  Create a new device file with duplicate minor and major numbers and give it an ASM name:


     ll /dev/rdsk | grep 0x541200


     crw-r-----   1 bin        sys        188 0x541200 Sep 10 15:09 c84t1d2
     crw-r--r--   1 oracle    dba       188 0x541200 Sep 10 15:21 d760_ASM_data_28

     We use "mknod ..." etc to create d760_ASM_data_28


3.  Use /dev/rdsk/d760_ASM_data_28 as ASM device.


HP-UX 11.23 doesnt' have Native Multipathing like Linux does.  The EMC PowerPath would handle failover and load-balancing on the CLARiiON.


Now that we are using the HP 3PAR, we don't have any Multipathing.  On LVM devices we use HP-UX LVM PVlinks to handle Multipathing.  On ASM devices we can't use LVM, because the ASM devices aren't covered by LVM.


Can we set up some kind of ASM Multipathing?  Does ASM have that option?