CanB4t mount the floppy

Javier Juarez
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CanB4t mount the floppy

When I try to mount the floppy disk, I get the message ??fstype vfat not valid for the kernel"

Same, if I do with GUI, in the message file there is a line "Jan 30 12:46:19 ocoasbd2 modprobe: modprobe: Can't locate module vfat", seems like the module wasn??t charged at boot time.
any idea ?
Stuart Browne
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Re: CanB4t mount the floppy

Most out-of-the-box systems come with the 'vfat' module installed.

If it is, it'd be '/lib/modules//kernel/fs/vfat/vfat.o'.

If you've compiled your own kernel however, you might not have answered 'YES' to the appropraite questions. The following three options:


should be all that's required.

What distribution are you using, and what kernel are you using?

Did you compile your own kernel, or are you using one from a distribution file (RPM, or some such) ?

If all of this is in place, then try doing the mount again as the 'root' user.

It's doubtful, but it could just be that the user doesn't have read access to the module path (unlikely however).
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