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Cannot be contacted with Gicap nodes

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Carme Torca
Super Advisor

Cannot be contacted with Gicap nodes

I have one problem. I cannot be contacted on the gicap's server with the configured nodes:


# icapmanage -s -v
Software version:          B.08.01
Serial number:             DEH46420J2
36 GiCAP Sharing Rights: 28 in use, 8 available

Group ID: JUST
Group Members:
        rx7640-13 (cannot be contacted)
        rx7640-02 (cannot be contacted)
          hpit10, hpit16
        rx7640-03 (cannot be contacted)
          hpit07, hpit13
        rx7640-04 (cannot be contacted)
          hpit08, hpit14
        rx7640-06 (cannot be contacted)
          hpit06, hpit12
        rx7640-05 (cannot be contacted)
          hpit05, hpit11
        rx7640-01 (cannot be contacted)
          hpit09, hpit15


And I all the nodes, the message its:


# icapstatus
Software version:          B.08.01
System ID:                 hpit11
Serial number:             DEH4627BA8
Product number:            AB312A
Unique ID:                 7c8dd776-26f7-11db-a9c8-7ac6588ef67a
System contact e-mail:     Not set
From e-mail:               Set to the default ('adm')
Asset reporting:           on
Temporary capacity warning period:  15 days
Exception status:          Negative temporary capacity balance

ERROR:   Unable to obtain GiCAP information.
ERROR:   Unable to execute command:
         /opt/wbem/bin/wbemexec -t 600000

Permission denied (publickey,password,keyboard-interactive).

Local nPartition Status


What is the problem? How the gicap server comunicates withs theirs servers?


Thanks a lot of!


Users are not too bad ;-)
Carme Torca
Super Advisor

Re: Cannot be contacted with Gicap nodes

Finally was the firewall. It had stopped the ssh comunication between the servers!


Users are not too bad ;-)