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Check database SQL Statement?

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Jacky Wong_1
Occasional Advisor

Check database SQL Statement?

Dear All,

Any one know the SQL statement if I want to check how many database, what database, what table inside the database and the owner of database inside the oracle DB server?

Thousand thanks!
Jacky Wong
Regular Advisor

Re: Check database SQL Statement?

At the o/s level (unix) you can know how many database instances are running by follwing command

$ ps -ef | grep pmon
--- It gives you the SID of all the database instances, which are running now.

Generally the owner of database will be Oracle.
# su - oracle
# ls -lt

If you want to know, what tables the database containts, then you'll have to login to database.

$ sqlplus username/password@connect_string
$ sqlplus username/password

sqlplus> select * from user_tables;

Hope, it may helps you!!!
Let's share the great thing "THE KNOWLEDGE"
John Strang
Regular Advisor

Re: Check database SQL Statement?

Hello Jacky,

There is a file /etc/oratab which gives information about the database instances on the machine.

It contains 1 line for each instance, with 3 fields on each line.
1st field is the SID name
2nd field is the Oracle home directory
3rd field is Y or N for whether database should be started when machine is booted


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Alexander M. Ermes
Honored Contributor

Re: Check database SQL Statement?

Hi there.
Did you try to get the Oracle Enterprise Manager ? This tool ( standard no extra packages ) should help to find and log all the necessary info.
Alexander M. Ermes
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