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Clean up /var/sam directory?

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Paul Maglinger
Regular Advisor

Clean up /var/sam directory?

Looking at my directories on a system that was upgraded from HP-UX 11.23 to 11.31 and noticed that /var seemed to have a lot of stuff in it.  Looking closer with #du -axk | sort -rn | more   I see this:

10164120        .

6864512 ./sam

5430008 ./sam/ADSP_BBAa15931

2523816 ./adm

1650336 ./adm/sw

1379712 ./sam/ADSP_BBAa14792

1241432 ./adm/sw/save

656800  ./opt

510144  ./adm/wtmps

330488  ./adm/syslog

287504 ./adm/syslog/mail.log

240048  ./adm/sw/save_custom

212992 ./opt/netscape/server7

212992  ./opt/netscape

200120  ./adm/sw/save_custom/PHCO_39498/jre_old.tar

200120  ./adm/sw/save_custom/PHCO_39498

146656  ./adm/sw/products

132608  ./adm/sw/save/PHSS_40799

119504  ./opt/sfmdb/pgsql

119504  ./opt/sfmdb

106152  ./opt/netscape/server7/bin

104272  ./opt/wbem

96064   ./adm/sw/save/PHSS_39650


Can the ADSP* files be cleaned up?  Any other suggestions for cleaning up /var?

Ralf Seefeldt
Valued Contributor

Re: Clean up /var/sam directory?

Hi Paul,


I would suggest the following:

  • clean up wtmps (bzip2 -k /var/adm/wtmps ; > /var/adm/wtmps)
  • what about ./adm/sw/save_custom/PHCO_39498/jre_old.tar is it redundant?
  • clean up  mail.log and syslog
  • ADSP_BBAa15931 sounds like some sw bundle name. If it is older than the last reboot, I would compress it. If not, it depents ...
  • run cleanup to remove old patchbackups

I hope, this helps.