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Clear Memory Count on HP 9000/887/G50 (Nova)

Occasional Contributor

Clear Memory Count on HP 9000/887/G50 (Nova)

Hi gurus,

There is one old server having memory error count (excessive single bit error). We have replaced the memory dimms and clear the log through stm. After the server boot up, the system still detect the memory error count at the same slot that we changed. Since the server class doesn't support a page deallocation table we can't reset the memory error count through normal process (interrupt the boot process, entering the service menu, (type ser at the MAIN> prompt,) and typing pdt clear). 


#uname -a

HP-UX hostname B.10.20 C 9000/887 446316242 32-user license





Is there any other way to clear the memory error count?




Occasional Contributor

Re: Clear Memory Count on HP 9000/887/G50 (Nova)

Please find attached picture once we interrupt the boot process.