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Cloning $ORACLE_HOME with EMC BCVs ?

Stuart Abramson_2
Honored Contributor

Cloning $ORACLE_HOME with EMC BCVs ?


We used to "clone" our Production Oracle Instance (PROD) to a BCV Reporting Instance by only "BCV-ing" the data files.

We set up the oracle software in $ORACLE_HOME on the BCV server for a SID called REPORT, and we left it there. Over time, REPORT didn't get patched, etc, and wasn't an exact copy of PROD $ORACLE_HOME.

We now want to BCV the Oracle software as well as the data.

So, I'm looking at changing SID names, port numbers, hostnames, file system names in the Oracle software directories from PROD to REPORT, every time I split the Oracle software:

... $ORACLE_HOME/dbs/initSID.ora

... $ORACLE_HOME/network/admin/listener.ora

... $ORACLE_HOME/network/admin/tnsnames.ora

Is there an Oracle utility that does this for you?:

... OracleClone OLDSID NEWSID

Does anyone have a list of the places that you have to change?

Hasn't someone done this before?

John Poff
Honored Contributor

Re: Cloning $ORACLE_HOME with EMC BCVs ?

Hi Stuart,

We've done lots of BCVs and Oracle databases, but we've always had a separate Oracle home.

One thought is that you could setup main Oracle home so that it the .ora and other files for the production database and the reporting database, so that it can run either version. Then there isn't anything to change for a BCV copy of the Oracle home.

Otherwise you could probably write a script to modify the files you need. One of the local Oracle gurus could probably help with it.

Stuart Abramson_2
Honored Contributor

Re: Cloning $ORACLE_HOME with EMC BCVs ?


We do what you do now.... We want to change.