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Closest match

John Collier
Esteemed Contributor

Closest match

Sorry to ask such a basic question (and I have no idea how I will assign points to this yet {but I WILL assign points}), but I would like to ask this community what the general opinion is regarding the closest Linux version to our good friend HP-UX.

I have a strong desire to use an old PC at my house to load some kind of Linux on so I will have a test box of sorts, but I truly want to make it the closest to what I have been using at work. As far as I have been able to determine, HP has yet to release a version of HP-UX that will run on the PC platform, so what can I use to get me as close as possible?

All answers and opinions would be appreciated.

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James Specht
Trusted Contributor

Re: Closest match

My 2 cents worth.

Linux and HP-UX are too different to do a fair comparision of any nature. As simple as the default installation directories. /opt (HP-UX) /usr/local (Linux).

Now to take back what I just said. HP-UX does support Red-Hat linux on their Itanium chipset. So in theory you could have Red Hat version 8.0 on you Itanium base server at work and at home on your PC. Still not the best test environment but it should work.

We have an RP7410 that is currently a RISC based chipset but do have plans to move to the Itanium when the need for a hardware upgrade comes along.

I know HP has docs on their support of Red Hat, I just don't know where. If I find them I will let you know. 2 cents.

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Balaji N
Honored Contributor

Re: Closest match

i am not sure if i am correct. but would suggest you to use RedHat. RedHat 8.0 by default support the use of LVM by default and you will feel at home.

But starting from administration related issues like Package Management, init scripts, etc, Linux and HP-Ux are different though the concepts remain the same.

my 2p's.
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