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Cloud Operating Environment (CLOE) / HPUX Hosting

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Cloud Operating Environment (CLOE) / HPUX Hosting


my employer develops barcode and label printing software and some of our products are released on HP-UX too. To build our products for HP-UX we used the so called "Cloud Operating Environment" (CLOE) by HP.

Since I can't find any information about CLOE on, I was wondering if this service still exists?

Thanks in advance. 

Bill Hassell
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Re: Cloud Operating Environment (CLOE) / HPUX Hosting

I don't see any specific references to CLOE related to HP-UX.
This may be a shorthand way to refer to the Helion product:

This used to be called HP CloudSystem.

Bill Hassell, sysadmin

Re: Cloud Operating Environment (CLOE) / HPUX Hosting

Hi Bill, thanks for your reply, but thats not what I'm looking for.

CLOE was a self-service portal where HP AllianceOne Partners could order virtualized HP-UX machines for the purpose of porting, integrating and troubleshooting customer problems.

I found this blog article about CLOE which could help for better understanding:

I also found this forum thread about HP-UX hosting:
In this thread someone stated, that such services for developers still exist (

So the question is, how is this service called now and how can we get access to it?

Thanks again.


Re: Cloud Operating Environment (CLOE) / HPUX Hosting

It's still there in some form by the looks of it - seems to be part of the Partner Ready for Technology Partner Program:

On p13 there is the following statement:

Access to testing resources

To ensure quality in your product integration, Silver, Gold, and Platinum partners are given access to testing resources that can help you through the process of testing or verifying your product(s) with the HPE technology. The HPE testing and integration is a straightforward process. In fact, many of the testing environments can be requested and configured online through the Partner Ready portal. Even with this simplicity, you still may have questions on product configurations, specifications, and usage. Testing and integration resources within your aligned HPE business unit(s) are available to help.

Main page for the program is here:

I believe this program replaces AllianceOne - so whoever in your organisation managed your partner status under AllianceOne should be aware of this.

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Re: Cloud Operating Environment (CLOE) / HPUX Hosting

Thank you! My problem has been resolved!