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Cluster Interconnect for 9iRAC on rp2470.

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Cluster Interconnect for 9iRAC on rp2470.

HI guys,
We're running a production setup with the works... rp5470's clustered with EVA3000 throught SAN ( Fiber) and the interconnect over Hyperfabric and 4 ethernets for connectivity and Heartbeat with 2 failovers..
the thing is that we are now going in for Test setup with..
rp2470 hooked up over SCSI to a DS2300.
My query: can we run the interconnect over SCSI as opposed to the Hpyerfabric ? if so , how ?

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Re: Cluster Interconnect for 9iRAC on rp2470.

didnt get any quick replies here, so i moved the thread to the system administration section. find it ther and reply please