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Codeword file location

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Codeword file location


Where is the codeword file located in 11.0?


Honored Contributor

Re: Codeword file location

codeworde are located in

Honored Contributor

Re: Codeword file location

Don't quote me, but I believe codeword files are located with the application they are associated with.

Example: OmniBack codeword file is -


Just a thought,
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Codeword file location


I agree with what Rainer suggested .... /var/adm/sw/.codewords.

But what type of codeword are you looking for?

Steffi Jones

Re: Codeword file location

This thread sort of trailed off, but I'd like to pick it up because it addresses a current question of mine. I checked the /var/adm/sw/.codewords files on two of our critical systems, but they are both empty.

I'd like to round up the code words for all products installed on these systems, since our collection of paperwork isn't as complete as it could be. If I need to recover a system and all I have are the yellow license certificates, that doesn't do me much good.

Is there a central location (other than /var/adm/sw/.codewords) where this information resides, or is it scattered all over the place depending on the product in question?