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Commercial games for HP-UX

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Commercial games for HP-UX



I want to inform you that Illwinter Game Design was ported Dominions: Priests, Prophets & Pretenders (demo) to HP-UX:


Do you know other commercial games ported to HP-UX?

Patrick Wallek
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Re: Commercial games for HP-UX

I've never seen a good reason to have any commercial games on HP-UX.


The primary reason is that you are going to have a VERY VERY limited  market.  HP-UX servers, and even workstations when they existed, were not designed with games in mind.  There just aren't going to be that many people wanting to run games on HP-UX.


Also, if the games use graphics, your graphics performance is likely going to be very limited.  



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Re: Commercial games for HP-UX

Ha!  I remember that there was a fun car driving simulator that I ran on the old 700 series workstations with HP-UX 9.05 (or so).   I forget the name and the software pack that it came with, but I think it was meant to showcase the graphics abilities of the system.   Might have been a flight sim too...unless Im going back to the Apollo.....




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Re: Commercial games for HP-UX

I remember an old wire frame multi-player (6 total from what I remember) networked tank game. It was red and looked a lot like Battlezone (without the missiles). A lot of fun to play with the other folks in the office.


Been trying to find it ever since - sigh! I think it was also on the CD the driving game was on. It also had a Missile Command type game and a Backgammon game (hmmmm.... I may have those around someplace).