Re: Compaq TC1000 X11 tablet driver: LEDs support

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Compaq TC1000 X11 tablet driver: LEDs support


I'm a Linux user.
Recently, I've written a working TC1000 X11 tablet driver (see
for whole my TC1000 & Linux project).
Everything works just fine except one little thing; I haven't ever used M$ Windows on my TC1000, but AFAIK the side-buttons can glow when activated.

I'd like to add the side-buttons LEDs support to my driver, but I don't know how the LEDs are accessed.

Can anyone provide or direct me to a tech. info on this subject? Anything will help.



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Re: Compaq TC1000 X11 tablet driver: LEDs support

Vencik -
Can't help you specifically, but most current (for the last couple years) HP/Compaq laptops have similar "software driven" buttons. Perhaps if you can find any reference to similar buttons you can find the hooks in the driver you need to duplicate.

That being said - I am guessing that this may require some pretty deep knowledge into the hardware - basically you're going to have to find a pin you need to drive high or low when the button state changes.

I really hate software based buttons regardless of the OS. The fact that I can't silence my laptop til it's fully booted is really stupid. This is one thing that IBM does way better than HP....

Good luck!