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Configuring RMAN and OmnibackII for backups.

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Michael I. Odesanya
Occasional Contributor

Configuring RMAN and OmnibackII for backups.

I need information on the setup steps for hooking up RMAN to OmnibackII for backup and recovery.
Grateful thanks for your kind assistance.
Michael Odesanya.
Joseph T. Wyckoff
Honored Contributor

Re: Configuring RMAN and OmnibackII for backups.

As painful as it is to read and follow - most of the information is in the manual.

There is one fairly common sort of exception.

One of the integration steps is to somehow tell Oracle which library to use for the backup.

If you are using OB II 3.1 or 3.5, and Oracle 8i (8.1.x) ignore the instructions about MAKE - instead, come here and search for instructions on how to LINK the library into place.

Other than that - the instructions should pretty well be on target.

Get your Omniback expert in the same room with your Oracle guru, and maybe a Sys Admin savant onthe side - maybe with a pizza on order for lunch, and work through the steps.

By the way - this is a good forum for answering this question - many folks here have suffered the problems, but for Omniback in general - you can look in the Openview Applications forum, and for tape drive issues there is a Storage - Tape Libraries area.

Good Luck.
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