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Confused about archiving Oracle 10g

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Confused about archiving Oracle 10g

I have turned Archiving on, and stipulated where in the init.ora file:
# Uncommenting the line below will cause automatic archiving if archiving has
# been enabled using ALTER DATABASE ARCHIVELOG.
log_archive_start = true
log_archive_dest = /u11/oradata/odb
log_archive_format = "T%TS%S.ARC"

But I have nothing there!
But I do have alot of arch1####.dbf files in a different directory that does not make sense.
And it is actually filling up our slice.

Why are they there?
yada yada

I have not done any backups, this is a brand new database with no activity so far. Empty tables.
What do I need to do?

Hein van den Heuvel
Honored Contributor

Re: Confused about archiving Oracle 10g

Did you re-start the database after making the change? In other words... what is the currently active value?
SQL> show parameter log_archive

Note. The format you show does not look correct. It will trigger error:

ORA-19905: log_archive_format must contain %%s, %%t and %%r

Cause: log_archive_format is missing a mandatory format element. Starting with Oracle 10i, archived log file names must contain each of the elements %s(sequence), %t(thread), and %r(resetlogs id) to ensure that all archived log file names are unique.

If there is nothing much in the DB, then I suggest that for now you
- shut down DB;
- Purge the out those ARC files;
- Create a fresh physical backup;
- Restart with newly selceted archive destination and file naming.

ARC files are only useful in conjuction with a solid physical/rman backup. Time to hit the books!

Good luck,
Hein van den Heuvel.
Hein van den Heuvel
Honored Contributor

Re: Confused about archiving Oracle 10g

btw... here is a good web reference for this, and many other Oracle questions:

Super Advisor

Re: Confused about archiving Oracle 10g

Yes I did restart the database after the change.

I have no errors about formating.

SQL> archive log list
Database log mode Archive Mode
Automatic archival Enabled
Archive destination /u01/app/oracle/product/
Oldest online log sequence 98
Next log sequence to archive 100
Current log sequence 100

This is not where I stated in the init.ora file.

SQL> show parameter log_archive

------------------------------------ ----------- ------------------------------
log_archive_config string
log_archive_dest string
log_archive_dest_1 string
log_archive_dest_10 string
log_archive_dest_2 string
log_archive_dest_3 string
log_archive_dest_4 string
log_archive_dest_5 string
log_archive_dest_6 string
log_archive_dest_7 string
log_archive_dest_8 string

------------------------------------ ----------- ------------------------------
log_archive_dest_9 string
log_archive_dest_state_1 string enable
log_archive_dest_state_10 string enable
log_archive_dest_state_2 string enable
log_archive_dest_state_3 string enable
log_archive_dest_state_4 string enable
log_archive_dest_state_5 string enable
log_archive_dest_state_6 string enable
log_archive_dest_state_7 string enable
log_archive_dest_state_8 string enable
log_archive_dest_state_9 string enable

------------------------------------ ----------- ------------------------------
log_archive_duplex_dest string
log_archive_format string %t_%s_%r.dbf
log_archive_local_first boolean TRUE
log_archive_max_processes integer 2
log_archive_min_succeed_dest integer 1
log_archive_start boolean FALSE
log_archive_trace integer 0
Hein van den Heuvel
Honored Contributor

Re: Confused about archiving Oracle 10g

well, obviously the init.ora file is not being interpreted. If it was, then you woudl get the error and some value in the active parameter: "log_archive_dest string "

Now the init file typically would NOT be called init.ora but rather init.ora.

There may also be a confusion whether and parameter file (PFILE, like init.ora) or an Oracle server file (SFILE) is being used.


Super Advisor

Re: Confused about archiving Oracle 10g

You are right, I made the changes to the wrong init.ora file.
Now to correct this...
Shutdown Database
remove arch*.dbf files.

Make changes to the CORRECT initodb.ora file
Restart the database.
Bingo-bango done...